The Delaware Water Gap Cruise

Part 3

Once off of Route 80, we had to wait for the infamous 3 minute light. Essentially, the road was only wide enough to accommodate one lane of traffic. So, on either side of this portion of the road, they placed stoplights, which were timed to let people through, but only a few at a time.


Here, Rachel smiles for the camera


And here's the light. A handful of people got through on the first try, and we had to catch up to them afterwards.


When it finally turned, we were ready for it. More than ten of us sprinted through. Fortunately the Park Ranger waiting at the light on the other side didn't have his radar gun on.


Fortunately, we made it to our lunch destination, Watergate Park, rather quickly, though it seemed to take forever because the second batch of cars weren't sure where it was. Here John Moran's wife Darlene walks to the picnic area.


And here's the route planner himself. Stu, why do they call you The Ox? Is it because your new Z3 is Oxford Green? Is there some deep dark secret involved?


I don't think the Park Comission planned on having a large group at this particular park, since they put the handful of picnic tables about a stone's throw apart. They did, however, plan on keeping us out of the water, and they erected a fence around the pond you see to deter us from using it.



There was only one of us wore his Z3 message board shirt (Tom Mosteller). I missed the first batch, but mine's on the second order.


After lunch, we had a few moments to wander about and admire all the different cars and colors.


Then Tom started to take the panoramic camera shot. With any luck, SanDisk will be able to retrieve the lost pictures from his "damaged" CompactFlash memory card.


Walt and his 1999 White Coupe 2.8 caused a lot of trunkspace envy among us roadster folk.



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