Cape May Cruise, 2000


We got lucky. One woman offered to let us use her porch and her third floor balcony so we could take pix.


I snapped a bunch of pix for a panoramic shot or three. Click on each to view it in a larger size


From a slightly higher elevation


Photos taken, we left, and arrived at Vert and Sue's house. Unfortunately, Sue was called away, but Vert's and Vert's mother were there to greet us (how'd I miss taking a pic of them?)


Here's the view from their balcony looking out to the ocean.


We had a great lunch (I actually put my camera down for most of it). I got one of the last of Craig and Jack's infamous brownies. Fully sated, we got in our cars to go on to Cape May itself.

The rain returned, unfortunately.


As we were going, I was surprised to notice that Z3s kick up less water than other cars on the road. Maybe that's because our lane's had more cars in it, but I like to think it's because our cars are more aerodynamic.


So, is this water tower the historical landmark, or is Cape May the landmark?


Cape May Page 1 - A wet start

Cape May Page 2 - Sea Isle City

Cape May Page 3 - Promenade

Cape May Page 4 - Cape May

Cape May Page 5 - The Cape May/Lewes Ferry

Cape May Page 6 - Just a short ferry ride away.

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