2000 Millenium's Greatest Hits
Jon Trudel (all images copyrighted)

 Rachel decided that she'd to one last drive before the end of the year. She chose to combine the best elements of a couple of previous drives. It became the Millenium's Greatest Hits Run. You can view her writeup and see a video of the drive here.

We were supposed to meet up at High Point State Park in NJ, but I was running a little behind. I linked up with them just down the road at a gas station, where we all filled up. We got going up past port Jervis, and NY 97 alongside the Delaware River. I love this road, and expecially this Photograph of it (mainly because I took it :-)

We drove for a bit, hitting some construction, but our first stop was the Roebling Bridge across the Delaware, designed by the same man who designed the Booklyn Bridge. This one's rather unique, given how it was designed. It looks like it can handle some pretty high flood waters, if you ask me.

From there, we drove a little further on up 97 to Fort Delaware, our lunch stop. We all brought picnic lunches, and took some pretty nice photo of other z3s reflecting in our own. Rob took a good one, and it ended up being a photo of the month over at mz3.net.

So, we ended up going along some rather desolate roads. It was nice having them pretty much to ourselves. While we knew where we were going, we ended up getting our signals crossed every now and then - note how none of us are going exactly the same way. Rob and Kathy were facing left, just to the right of that shot :-). None of us really cared, though. It was a nice relaxed drive. We kept missing turnoffs and not caring one wit.

Lots of cows, judging from the smell, and the number of 'em we saw :-)

The roads were open and we saw that harvest time was long gone.

This was my first sighting of a Honda Insight, their first mass market Gas/Electric Hybrid vehicle, but I was zoomed in too far for a good shot.

With all the turnarounds, I hoped we were on the right track. Unfortunately, this sign appeared, and I became truly concerned.

We head back towards Bear Mountain, which is always great this time of year. We got onto Seven Lakes Drive, which is very cool in its own regard. While on that road, Rachel radios back about a coupla bikers who must've been doing 100 along the road. I caught 'em just as they passed us.

More Bear Mountain. More cool views. I ended up using this as my desktop image for a long time. Who says Impala Brown isn't a good Z3 Color? Others had the right idea, and set up to paint it. Funny thing was that for this drive, we were color coordinated for the fall, and didn't even try to do that.

In the end, Rachel had us do a driveby of while she ran her video camera. At the point where I drive past, I take a pic.

Great Run, Great fun.

mgh04 mgh05 mgh13 mgh16 mgh18 mgh21a mgh32
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