The Out Of Hibernation Run


So, it was getting towards 5PM, and dinner was coming up. I gave Fred a call, and I definitely wasn't going to arrive in time for the departure for the dinner run. Instead, Fred suggested I drive to a Subaru Dealer along the route, and they'd pick me up. At the time, I was in the town of Ticonderoga, where the famous fort from the Revolutionary War is. Since Fred said I'd be waiting a while for them at the pickup point, I decided to stop by the historical site to get some pix of the region.

Well, I got there -

and saw this sign -

and noted -

This is otherwise known as D'OH!!!!


Oh well, I tarried on. I saw on the map that down the road, there was a ferry service. My interest was Piqued, haven just ridden on one for the Cape May Cruise

So I chose to drive on down. Here's what I found:

The sign to the right says Pull to Call Ferry. The cost was something like $10, but I decided to go back to the course Fred suggested.

I ended up at the Crown Point Bridge over Lake Champlaign into Vermont.


So, I made it to Vermont, finally. Apparently a lot of farms, and wide open spaces. Some woman in an SUV decided to tail me the whole way to the Subaru Dealership. Note the spacing between cars ahead of me.


This woman didn't really ride my bumper, but man I felt crowded. I made it to the intersection, and there was a Citgo station on the other side of the street, Guess where this woman was going - just past me. Man was she pissed. When I put on my blinker, I could see the fumes coming from this woman because she was turning just AFTER the station. Her anger seemed so very contrary to every other state resident I met.


Nevertheless, I made it to the dealership, and I called Fred to let him know. Then, I waited. I waited some more...and then some more. After a bit, I checked out Subaru prices, and when that got old, I did the only thing that seemed reasonable - I got out the Meguiar's Quick Detailer, and got busy. While doing that, I threw in a copy of the Beau Hunks' album of music from the Little Rascals movie shorts. Feeling silly, I took this pic, and thought up the caption

One of these things is not like the others...

One of these things just doesn't belong...


I didn't really wait all that much. I guess I was a bit wound up from the 6 hour drive. Fortunately, Fred, et al, arrived post haste. I joined the convoy to the restaurant, which was only a handful of miles down the road.


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