The Out Of Hibernation Run


Dinner at the Dog Team Restaurant was amusing. At first, we parked our cars, and I started introducing myself. I quickly thought that I was no longer the one who had travelled the furthest, as there was someone from Virginia. It turns out that this gentleman (whose name I forget) just happened to be fishing in the river behind the restaurant, and just happened to be there! Dinner was great, and I saved the rest of my Prime Rib for later. It was getting late, and I was tired, and I hadn't checked in to the hotel yet, so I latched on to the first people to drive back.

Driving off into the sunset...


And, what a sunset it was!


Well, once I got to my room, I was 'commanded' to go to the lobby for some more socializing by Rachel. Not that I minded! Most of us ended up walking over to the bar just in time for Last Call and a final nightcap.


In the morning, I drove across the street to Friendly's for breakfast, and I found Rachel finishing. We chatted, and were soon joined by Ron Stygar, his wife, Allen and his wife, and Dave P. We finished up quickly, and mosied on down to the starting point.


People start assembling, and there's the usual round of "Ooo, what's that?" and people start showing off their babies. Rachel recently got a new loaner head unit, amp, and front speakers, and confesses that she finally gets what all the fuss is about. Here, DC twiddles her, um, adjusts her stereo's sound.


Fred gives out some last minute details, along with some information packets to those of us who didn't get 'em beforehand.


Some last minute assembly, and then we're off! Oh, wait a minute - it seems Howard left his aftermarket foglights on overnight, and his battery's dead. Rachel to the rescue - How bought jumper cables for her, and didn't get a set for himself.


A quick charge, and all is well.

And, we're off! For real, this time.




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