Fixit Day 2001

My Work


Since I was there at 8, I got in with the first batch. Good thing too, as my car took most of the day. I got Lou as my technician for the day, and he did a great job!

My SuperSprint exhaust was there, ready and waiting. Lou Verman, my tech, had to get out an extremely sharp knife to cut away the plastic, and it didn't pull away easily. I guess that's good for shipping purposes.


Here's a "before" panoramic picture of under the car, stitched from two photos. Always helps to have a different perspective on our cars, no?

Here's another version, but using a different panoramic picture generator (photoshop elements).


Here's a pair of pictures of the existing set of exhaust tips and then the tips of the SuperSprint, taken at the same distance. Quite a difference in size, eh?


Here's a peek inside the new SuperSprint. Yes, digital photography allows me to indulge in any potential camera shot, and as a result, you get to suffer for my art. :-)

When I saw them working on Melissa's SuperSprint installation, they had to remove the entire assembly. For mine, Lou chose to cut it in place with a power saw. Note the cut mark...


This way was a lot simpler, and apparently easier. Worked like a charm. Everything fit into place very easily. You see Lou on the left, and Bob, who worked on my car at the last Fixit day (and remembered me!).


Bob and Lou check their work. Rather snug, and looks great!

Everything lined up properly, and I've heard that these installs can leave the exhaust pretty loose. Not so in my case. One thing to note here is how much the DTMs hang out the back. Very different from the other DTMs I've seen, but then again, I know they redesigned it for the 1999 and up Z3s.


And yes, the DTMs protrude. Gotta be aware of them when I pull into my garage, and watch more closely when backing up. Unfortunately, I ran out of space on my camera memory cards, so I didn't get one showing how much clearance there is between the top of the DTMs and the bumper. It's a lot, much more than I've seen on other SuperSprints.


I'm told that the exhaust has to break in a little before its true sound arrives. I've driven 200 or so miles so far, and I can see where it's going. It's gonna be great!

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