I don't think I'd be as happy with my Z3 if it weren't for the efforts of a good friend of mine, Rachel Corey.

When I was shopping for my car, I found the Z3 Message Board. I started asking around about many things, including options, people's opinions about their choices, what aftermarket upgrades they chose, among other things. That's where I met Rachel.

During my inquiries, she was one of the first to chime in with the Z3 Mantra "Get What YOU want" and also gave a negative recommendation for the local dealership I was working with. Skeptic that I am, I thanked her for her opinion, and chose to ignore it. BIG mistake. As far as dealerships go, this one pretty much sells cars and does nothing else. Just about everything that other BMW dealerships do without flinching, you have push them for. I'm still kicking myself for ignoring her advice. Since those days, we've become good friends.

But anyway, Rachel is very enthusiastic about her car Esmerelda, aka Emmy. She's organized two Z3 drives - the Catskills Best Roads Cruise and the Sleepy Hollow Best Roads Cruise . She also organized my favorite Road Trip, ever - The 1999 Shagadelic Convoy to Homecoming down in Spartanburg, SC. Also, back in December, she arranged for Daniel's BMW in Allentown, PA to host a Fixit Day, where we Z3 Drivers could come and have our cars services, en masse.

Aside from that, on the cruises and the other events, she's taken various pictures of me at the different Z3 events, for which I'm extremely grateful. Here are a couple of them that I've used on my site. (click on the thumbnails for a better view)


I've had some trouble describing how I take pictures while driving at the various events, but here she's captured the essence of it rather succinctly:


In case you were wondering, this is the picture I was taking (although it's not all that good):



Here's drive-by pic she took of me recently.

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