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Here are my Z3 photo pages Some may take a while to load, so please be patient while they do.

2002 Events

I get A New CAR! NEW!!!

Where did the day go? Autocrossing and a dropoff. NEW!!!

The New York Auto Show, 2002 style

Garage Upgrades - even in winter, you can upgrade something!


2001 Drives and Events

Saffy gets Fogged - Shawn Fogg hosts some of us Z3 fanatics for a day of upgrades.

Fixit Day We get our Z3s tuned up just in time for the Spring.

The New York Auto Show - with a special visit to the BMW Booth

The annual NJ BMW CCA Meeting held at BMW NA - Pictures with commentary.

2000 Drives

Millenium Greatest Hits Drive The premiere event of the year!

Z3 Homecoming! The premiere event of the year!

Adirondacks Drive Rachel's cruise through Upstate NY

The One Lap of Connecticut - A drive through the Nutmeg State

The Out of Hibernation Run - Up in Vermont, where the roads are long, and the traffic is sparse.

Cape May Cruise - We drive in the rain, with the, *gasp*, TOPS DOWN!

Z3 Stereo Fun How to improve the Z3 Stereo System, and hopefully eliminate the dreaded subwoofer buzz.

Cart Time Trials - because the Philly region SCCA Solo-II competition gets use of the Nazareth Speedway for its events, we have to volunteer at their races to do crowd control and badge checking. Here are some pics I took while on duty.

1999 Drives

Sleepy Hollow Drive - A run through the hills and valleys around the Hudson.

The Best Roads Tour - A pleasant drive through the Catskill Mountains of New York.
The 1999 BMW Homecoming event: 500 Z3 Fanatics drive to the BMW plant for a weekend of fun! There are 13 pages in all with lots of pictures. Each page has links to all the others. Enjoy!

The Delaware Water Gap Cruise - Yet another Z3 tour (also with almost 60 pictures!) Note: these pages will take some time to load...

The Steamtown Cruise - Yet another another trip with all your favorite Z3 people. Fifty photos spread across 7 pages (for faster loading).

The Crab Cruise - take a trip through SouthEastern PA, Northern MD, and Delaware, all with the simple goal of having great Crab for dinner.

The Z3 Coal Cruise - Yet another Z3 tour (almost 60 pictures!) Note: these pages will take some time to load...

PA. Dutch Winter Wonderland Cruise - My first Z3 group drive was through Pennsylvania Dutch Country.


General Information

Vital Info on my Z3

Some kind words about a friend

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