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Hello, and welcome to the fun that is Jon's home page. I hope you enjoy your stay, but if you don't, well, then there's something wrong with you. Please feel free to click anywhere you think is appropriate, or even where it's not. I don't really care. How you waste your time is none of my business (well, I think it is, but don't go there).

A little about me:


I'm old enough to know that I know nothing, but young enough to sometimes ignore that. I use my brain to solve other people's problems, but when the day's done, I do like to relax.

I'm addicted to all forms of the mass media, but in particular television, movies and the Internet. I watch too much TV and I try to go out to the movies at least once a week. As I see new films, I'll try to keep a listing of movie reviews on this site. You should be able to find them at my Movie Review page. New Reviews Added, As of Sunday, 04-Jan-2015 20:22:37 MST

Speaking of movies, in 1998, I was finally able to take a vacation at I attended the 1998 Sundance Film Festival. I intend to make this a regular occurance from now on. Please feel free to read about my trip.

I also have fun taking pictures. My methods are to take as many of them as possible on the spur of the moment. Some of them are garbage, but some come out surprisingly well. Check 'em out Here. Newest pictures added on Sunday, 04-May-2014 22:16:35 MDT

Movie Reviews New Reviews Added, As of Sunday, 04-Jan-2015 20:22:37 MST

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1998 Sundance Film Festival Trip

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