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An Actress (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and her Author husband (Alan Cumming) have a 6 year Anniversay Party for themselves, and their friends. Oh My, we're in for a Bumpy Night. The Actress is not what she used to be and has doubts about her husband's faithfulness. Toss in petty neighbors, repressed friends, and some Ecstasy, and stir. There's a bad moon on the rise.


Unfortunately, too much happens for this to be plausible. It all comes crashing down in the end, and unsatisfyingly so. Some could have been trimmed out, and the story might've been better. Even so, there's some good acting to be seen here, so don't cross it off your list.


Contains: Serious Adult Relationships, Brief Female Nudity, Drug Usage, and more Adult Relationships.



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My Comments (with plot spoilers!):


Real Spoilers here, so don't read unless you want to know the subplots!







So, let's see:

An Actress who's lost her touch.

A Husband entertaining thoughts of infidelity.

Their "have a baby" question.

Neighbors who like to complain about the dog.

The neighbor's wife who never speaks her mind.

A drug-addict for a sister.

The Young Starlet who calls the Actress OLD.

The business manager who looks like Peter Sellers and can't keep a woman.

The director who can't tell his friend his wife's lost it.

And more....




All interesting, but too much.



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