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Starring the voice talents of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz,. and John Lithgow,. among others. An mean and nasty Ogre (Myers, with a Scottish accent) who lives alone in a swamp is suddenly overwhelmed by a sudden influx of fairy-tale creatures, and finds that a Lord has banished them to the swamp. In order for the Ogre to regain his swamp, he must rescue a princess and deliver her to the Lord so he may marry her. Along the way, we find that the Lord has several motives for the rescue. Meanwhile, what's up with the Princess?

A lot of funny gags, digs at Disney, and other unexpected events round out this rather funny animated film, which pays a lot of attention to detail.



Contains: Mild Violence, Fairy Tale skewering, and Fun for the Whole Family



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My Comments (with plot spoilers!):


While watching the story unfold in a typical manner, I spent time looking at a lot of the details of the animation. I was very very impressed that they chose to have realistic looking skin, moving fur, and the like. Things have come a long way since Toy Story! I'm told that the motions of the character Donkey was modelled after a family dog, and it shows. Well Done!


There are a lot of joke references that adults will get, and the kids won't. This aspires to the days of the old Warner Brothers cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Elmer Fudd, but not quite getting there. Still, very funny stuff.


My Friend R, who I saw the movie with, was a little let down that they didn't change the Princess enough, just made her look fat. I would agree.







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