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In 1973, a young teenager becomes a rock critic for Rolling Stone magazine, and is sent to cover a band on it's way to breaking out from obscurity. Along the way he is guided by his mentor, his mother, and the spirit of adventure that comes with being in a Rock and Roll band. This cast is excellent, the story makes sense, and it's a very authentic period piece that really puts you back there and then. I expect Oscar Nominations for Kate Hudson, a "Band Aid" called Penny Lane, and Frances McDormand, his overprotective mother who really keeps this movie grounded.

Cameron Crowe, who wrote Jerry McGuire, Singles, Say Anything, etc, has written another winner.

Highly Recommended!




Rock and Roll Lifestyles, Drug Use, Sexual Situations, Comedy

My Comments:

The experiences in this movie by the lead, Patrick Fugit, parallel different experiences of Cameron Crowe, who himself was a 15-year-old writer for Rolling Stone back around the same time. Overall, this is a very heartwarming movie. I never lost interest, and I really felt like I was there being involved in these events as they played out on the big screen. This is something that is rare to find, and even harder to pull off. Kudos to Cameron Crowe!




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