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An outcast ant tries to help his colony appease Grasshoppers who demand tribute. Everything goes awry, and he decides to get outside help. He finds a ragtag group of Samauri---er Bugs (I'm getting ahead of myself here), who should be able to free his colony from the grasshopper menace, once and forall, or is it just a big misunderstanding?

My Comments:

You can't mention this film anywhere (it's required by law) without mentioning ANTZ!, which arrived in theaters a few weeks beforehand. A Bug's Life borrows from Akira Kurosawa's epic film The Seven Samauri,if only to get the story rolling. A Bug's Life definitely shows that it's a Disney film, considering that it follows the theme that most, if not all Disney films show in that the main character or characters in Disney films tend to be based on being seperated from their sources of authority (Parents, etc.), so they have to come up with a way to solve their problems on their own. Excepting perhaps Pocahantas, this basic premise has been true of all Disney films of the past decade. Also, there have to be children so the majority of the intended audience can relate to the story. ANTZ!,on the other hand, has no children anywhere, except in one small scene. In A Bug's Life, child bugs, aka the Blueberries, are a contributing factor to the story.


 Plot Spoiler (can't say I didn't warn you!):

 If and when you see this film, you've probably heard by now that you should stay through the credits. There are several "outtakes" of scenes in the story. I'm told that Disney decided to spend a few extra weeks generating the imagery, and decided to do them in the same style as ones shown at the end of Burt Reynolds films, only funny. I've now heard that there are newer outtakes in current copies of the film, so you adults out there who get dragged out by your kids can be entertained all over again.

In the final analysis, I liked A Bug's Life more than ANTZ! Why? I'm still remembering some things from the film, especially the outtakes. Enjoy.


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