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A man struggles to get to his wedding from New York City down to Savannah, Georgia in two days. Unfortunately, the plane he's taking crashes on takeoff, so he makes alternate arrangements with a woman whose life he saved. Second thoughts start percolating into his mind, since he's Ben Affleck, and she's Sandra Bullock. Think of Planes, Trains, & Automobiles meets Something Wild, but with less humor, less excitement, and less chemistry between the two lead characters, and you've got it.



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I am a big Fan of Sandra Bullock, and I really wanted to like this movie. I hate to say that I just can't recommend this. There are a couple of problems I had with this movie. The biggest is that I wasn't convinced of the chemistry between these two, and I think it's really Ben Affleck's disinterested demeanour that ruined it for me.

Yes, there are some scenes that were entertaining and occasionally funny, but quite frankly, it's the initial events that bother me the most. If your plane crashed, you'd be sure as *&^#@$&*$ that I'd be in the airline's face demanding they make alternate arrangements for *ME*, especially if I was on my way to my own friggin' wedding. Come on, what kind of New Yorker was Ben, anyway? My skepticism began there, but went downhill afterwards.

I guess I'll mention that this is a Dreamworks production, who obviously spent a lot of money making these frivolous scenes of computer-generated rain that were there to serve as some sort of symbolic event, but whatever it was, it was lost on me. A waste of CPU cycles, if you ask me.

Sorry, Sandra, maybe next time.



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