The Mummy


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A modern retelling of the classic tale of the Mummy, this film comes across as a low rent Indiana Jones movie which definitely doesn't take itself seriously. Brandon Fraser plays Rick O'Connell, an American (surprise!) who has found the lost city of Ancient Egypt, leads a brother and sister team of Egyptologists on the right course. What will they find? Nothing except trouble. Bernard Fox (who played Dr. Bombay on Bewitched) plays a minor, but amusing role.

Humor and above-par special effects play big roles in this movie. If not for its campy nature this movie wouldn't be as entertaining. After all, we've all seen Mummy films before, haven't we?


My Comments:

When the first scenes played out, I thought to myself - if they persist in piling in another few mummy-movie cliches, they'd approach a new low in movie mediocrity. Well, they did, but I started to get the idea that they wanted to play with the audience. A good portion of this dialog does not take itself too seriously. After a while, I was reminded of the 80's movie Flash Gordon While The Mummy doesn't quite get to that level of absurdity, it comes close.

Turn off your mind, and enjoy the ride.



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