Yes, it had to be done


Wintertime is not a time for putting away, but for planning and organizing! In my copious amounts of free time, I chose to reorganize my garage. Ok, it was more time to actually organize for the first time, in earnest (technically, no oranization is one way to organize, but let's not argue semantics here).

Let's face it, my garage is a mess!


Since space is tight, I chose to get an indoor/outdoor shelving unit from Home Despot, and I certainly got what I paid for. It's plastic, but unfortunately the kind of plastic that gets a little brittle in the cold. It assembled more or less easily, but I shouldn't have used a hammer to lightly tap anything (one of the pole segments cracked, as well as part of the top of a shelf. Learning from my mistake, I chose to use that set as the top shelf, and not to put too much onto it.


All that became this:

What's missing is several boxes I was holding stuff in. PLUS, some leftover bits and pieces from the Audi I recently sold off on ebay. Don't worry, it was all spares, and stuff I'd replaced.

I even arranged things on it nicely, and in an order. Wheels, antifreeze, washer fluid and miscellaneous products on the bottom shelf (the most heavy), then the toolbox and oil next, then spare and replaced parts, then cleaning stuff, then the windscreen, jumper cables and other crap on top.

Of course, since I had Saffy out of her home, I just HAD to take a drive! Granted, it was a very blustery day today (I must say!), but it was enjoyable, nonetheless!


In then end, it's definitely easier to pull in, considering there's less stuff in the way, so it was definitely worth the effort!

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