NY Auto Show - 2002


Once again, the Jacob Javits Center played host to the NY Auto Show. Always a fun time for a car buff such as me. Once again, the local BMW CCA Chapters had sets of free tickets that they raffle off, and this year, Rachel won a set through the NY Chapter, and invited me to attend. The best part is that BMW invites us in at 9 AM the first Saturday of the event, which is well before the rest of the show opens.

I was ready. Aside from having confortable shoes and my digital camera with the 128MB memory card (which I filled, btw), Rachel suggested we bring talkabout radios, and let other potential attendees the channel we'd be on in case the wanted to link up.

We actually ran into a bunch of Z3ers and BMW people we know - Rich (aka RichNYC), Roxana, Irv and Joanne, among others - was fun day for all of us.

All in all, a lot of fun stuff here at the show! I've broken down the pictures into 4 categories, as listed below:


BMW - Photos from the BMW booth, including some comments on current and future models.

Concept Cars - Ok, just the interesting ones

Current Models - Cars that are being sold, or will be sold within the year.

Classic Cars and Miscellaneous Photos - Some pictures Not Otherwise Classified


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