The Delaware Water Gap Cruise

Part 5

After the fun on the top of Sunrise Mountain, it was time to let our hair down.


We got to Space Farts, er, Space Poop Farms, um, no, Space Farms Zoo rather quickly. We linked up with Howard and Robin, who missed the departure time by a narrow margin. Fortunately, Stu had left some maps at the starting point, and they decided to follow the course on their own! They had "fun", from what I heard, but surprisingly, they beat us to Space Farms by skipping Sunrise Mountain.


Rachel decided to tell us about a new TV show coming up in the Fall on the WB: Rachel and the Bear. A street-smart woman tries to guide her newest friend from Alaska through the pits and pratfalls of living in a major metropolitan city.



One thing I found was that Turkeys don't like to be gobbled at.


And of course, you should all know this little cutie by now:




When we entered, you could buy corn to feed some of the animals. Rachel demonstrates.



Of course, this little kitty would've enjoyed a nice meal of Hand, with a Corn chaser....


How cuuuuuuute. The little one was less than a foot tall.




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